Our Team

     Our founder Cicero Costha started offering free jiu jitsu to those who couldn't afford class after he ran out of funds himself and wasn't going to be able to continue to train. The gym he was training at saw his potential and let him train for free. He was so grateful that he knew he wanted to give others the same opportunity when he was able. Cicero Costha is now one of the top teams in the world. It has produced champions like the Miyao brothers, Hiago George, Thalisson Soares, Thales Pontes, Khalel Nascimento, Marcos Cavans, Silvio Cavans, Nielton Mendes, Jonas Andrade, Diego Oliveira, and many others. 

     We are excited to have Lavoisier Costa, a 4th degree black belt, from Manaus, Brazil in our gym to teach our students the real traditional techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.